A prayer from a guy who never worships.

In my Shakespeare class today, I heard the sentence, “the Muses are the daughters of Memory.” This inspired me to write the following prayer.

Prayer for Memory:

Lord, keeper of my thoughts,
sanctify me with your gift,
inscribe my name upon the list of your blessed.
May the memories writhing within my mind not lay forgot.
Keep all I recall fresh and vibrant, full of color and life.
Do not let me falsely re-create the past
as I look upon it with my mind’s eye.

When my bones lay cold and bare,
house me in the hearts of those I’ve touched.
May they remember my deeds and tell tales of my acts.
Grant me immortality in the souls of men,
make me a touch of kindness inherited from mother to son, from father to sister,
a vibrant dot in a sea of feelings.

Oh keeper of my secrets, defender of my essence!
Embrace me with swells of recollection,
Charge me with echos of my senses
and may my life not end forgotten.

*For those curious to how the proverbial sausage was made: The first version was titled “Prayer to Memory,” and the first line was “Daughter of Memory,” Which really sounds nice, but didn’t make sense, since the Muses have no powers over memory.


One Response to A prayer from a guy who never worships.

  1. Lauren says:

    You have such a beautiful way with words. You can write me a verse anytime 🙂

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