Mark has lived his whole life in New York City. His father is the son of Bronx Communists who later grew up to run a respectable tax practice. His mother was an actress turned teacher. Dinner conversation consisted of social justice, literature, tax code errata, and theater.


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  1. mikeathome says:

    Hi Mark, I don’t know how I got to your page I was looking at some Ted Hughes poetry and ended up here, you seem to like poetry. I’d have to say I only once in New York in 1987 and it was a damp day around Easter. I went up the old gorilla climbing pole to see the view and all was gray. I looked out over the harbor an the clouds parted and a beam of light struck the statue of liberty, I felt like JC on Mt whatsitsname tempted by the Lord of Light. Then I moved on and did other things, but it was a great moment.


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