I’m very creative when I procrastinate.

January 29, 2009

For my Caribbean Lit class I had to read the first seven chapters of From Columbus to Castro by Eric Williams. It’s a really bloody affair filled with gold lust, slavery, sugar manufacturing, Royal ineptitude, and transnational greed. There was also a lot of stuff on Spanish trade policy which bored me to tears, so I decided to write a sonnet on what I read.

From Columbus to Castro, by Eric Williams, Chapters 1-7: A Sonnet

Borne on the backs of savagery and blood,
was this new nation of the mixed races.
The lust for gold: in rocks, in holes, in mud-
and sweetness from slav’ry-run bases.
The politics of who goes on the boat:
The White, The Slave, The Pure, The Dirty Horde.
But money always had the final vote,
and so they came with blessings from their Lord.
The tight’ning hand constricting all the trade,
nor enough men, women, or children brought.
“Who cares,” proclaimed the King, “just get me paid.”
(Equality was not something he sought.)
Descended, they, loosed from the rule of law,
to make a world both beautiful and raw.


The Curve

January 13, 2009

The Curve

. The Universe has a lover, the curve
.                           Mysterious, beautiful
.                                Pi flirts with our minds
.         Showing us the infinite within the finite,
.                              The curves of a galactic arm
.                                       The curves of a woman
.                               Our lives are mere spirals…
.             Moving forward in patterns endlessly
.         Space curves and makes giant spheres
.     While we orbit a fiery globe in an oval
.    Spirals     Galaxies     DNA        Proteins
.                            What if we could see God?
.                                What would she look like?
.                                                               Maybe…
.                She is a curve, winding through space
.                                      Flirting with the stars

This is probably my favorite of all the poems I’ve written. I wrote it back in 11th grade during Ms. Talesnik’s math class. The fact I feel I’ve been unable to top it worries me a bit. Apologies for the dots, it was the only way to get WordPress to accept the spacing.